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Hand Made Stoneware Pickling Crocks
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lactic acid fermintation pickling corcks

Wine Country Crocks are perfect for pickling all types of vegetables like cabbages, cucumbers, beans, celery, onions, peppers, pumpkins, and carrots. Our certified non-toxic lead free glaze is easy to clean and does not require any special storage.

Wine Country Crocks utilize a special water seal cast in the upper rim of the crock. The lid sits into the water lip allowing gasses to escape from the crock but stops air from entering. This makes for cleaner brine when you're making sauerkraut and pickling.

Free Book With Every Crock
fermintation corck pickling book This complete introduction to pickling book has 14 different recipes. Dill pickles, Sauerkraut, Quick kosher dills, Quick sweet pickles, Reduced-sodium sliced sweet pickles, bread-and-butter pickles, Sweet gherkin pickles, Pickled asparagus, Pickled dilled beans, Pickled three-bean salad, Pickled beets, Pickled hot peppers, Marinated whole mushrooms, and Pickled relish.

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Lactic acid fermentation pickling crock
Made In USA
5.0 Liter Pickling Crock
Size: 13" Tall x 10" Wide
Weight: 15 pounds
Price: $99.00

7.5 Liter Pickling Crock
Size: 15" Tall x 11" Wide
Weight: 18 pounds
Price: $118.00

10 Liter Pickling Crock
Size: 16" Tall x 12" Wide
Weight: 20 pounds
Price: $135.00


Second 5.0 Liter Pickling Crock
Size: 13 Tall x 10 Wide
Weight: 15 pounds
Price: $70.00

Second 10 Liter Pickling Crock
Size: 16 Tall x 12 Wide
Weight: 20 pounds
Price: $99.00